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Dental Technology to Aid in Optimum Care

Dental Equipment Designed for your Comfort

We have dental equipment designed for your maximum comfort - electric drills (not air-driven) for quieter, gentler treatment, digital X-rays only (much less radiation), a digital scanner for 3-d modeling instead of vinyl impressions and self-controlled TVs at each dental chair.

Special Air Filters

At Dentistry on Sheppard, we use special precautions when removing amalgam fillings.

We remove the fillings in an examination room with a special air filter that filters mercury out of the air. All the while, the patient is inhaling pure oxygen through their nose to minimize mercury vapour exposure.

iTero tooth scanner

Digital tooth scanning makes the crown, bridge, implant or onlay appointment much easier. The scanner is an electronic device that generates a digital representation (picture) of an object (your tooth) for data input into a computer. From the computer, we can then fabricate precise teeth. The scanner is a more biocompatible method (compared to using impression materials) and is virtually radiation free. No more biting into mushy pastes and materials.

Ozone Dentistry / Oxygen Dental Therapy

Ozone gas is used to fumigate and disinfect periodontal pockets (gum disease); decrease sensitive exposed roots; disinfect root canal systems after they are cleaned out; disinfect diseased tooth sockets; decrease cavity sensitivity and decrease drilling when preparing areas of decay.

Ozonated water is used to irrigate infected periodontal pockets (gum disease), sterilize infected extraction sockets (infected teeth) and sterilize dental equipment and water lines for a safer dental experience.



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