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Dental Health Resources

Here, our North York dentists and team share helpful resources, tips and advice for your dental health.

What’s Involved at a Dental Check-up

At the first appointment for a new patient, an hour will be set aside to fully review your medical history, discuss any dental concerns or questions you may have, and fully analyze and document your oral health.

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5 Steps to Good Oral Health

You can help reduce your risk of oral diseases by following these five steps laid out by our North York dentists.

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Everything You Need To Know About Halitosis

For people who suffer from halitosis, every face-to-face interaction can be anxiety-inducing and stressful. Here is some information about what causes halitosis, and more importantly, what you can do to reduce its severity.

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How to Stop Tooth Decay and Prevent Cavities

Some people are just unlucky and are born with weaker teeth with thinner enamel, both of which can increase the chances of developing a cavity. But did you know that in many cases, cavities can be prevented?

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Dental Implants or Dentures?

Experiencing tooth loss can take a toll on a person's self-esteem and confidence. But thankfully, dental technology has come a long way in providing solutions to restore a smile. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, two popular options are dental implants and dentures.

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Debunking Common Myths About Oral Health And Dental Care

Oral health is an important aspect of overall health, but there are many myths and misconceptions out there that can lead to confusion and misinformation. In this  post, we're going to debunk some common myths about oral health and dental care so you can take control of your dental health with confidence!

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Smile Secrets: Tips For Maintaining Healthy Teeth And Gums

Today, we're spilling the beans on the secrets to maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Our team at Dentistry On Sheppard in North York is about to unveil the tips that will keep your mouth feeling fresh, clean, and ready to dazzle the world!

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The Connection between Oral Health and Overall Well-Being: A Holistic Approach to Dental Care

At Dentistry On Sheppard, we believe that oral health is a key component of overall wellbeing. In this post, we will explore the fascinating connection between oral health and your overall health, highlighting the importance of taking a holistic approach to dental care.

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Oral Cancer Awareness: Safeguarding Your Smile & Health

Don't underestimate the power of your routine dental visits and your commitment to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your smile is a precious asset, and we're here to ensure it remains vibrant and cancer-free.

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Autumn Dental Care Tips

As the leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, it's time to embrace the beauty of autumn. Alongside cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, it's also essential to ensure your smile is ready to shine through the season. Fall brings its own set of dental challenges, from Halloween treats to hot beverages. To keep your oral health in top-notch condition, here are some autumn dental care tips to help you enjoy this vibrant season with a confident smile.

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