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Family Dentistry

Our office provides comprehensive care for the entire family!

Our office provides comprehensive care for the entire family!

Dentistry on Sheppard office provides comprehensive dental care for the entire family!

There is a lot riding on your smile. It effects your speech, your eating, your comfort, your oral and overall health and don't forget your confidence.

Your smile says a great deal about who you are, you shouldn't feel the need to hide it. Dental technologies and materials have come a long way, especially with regards to esthetics. If your beautiful smile has been hiding behind crooked, stained, damaged even missing teeth, its time to let Dr. Cloth bring your smile out of hiding.

Dr. Cloth's extensive dental experience encompasses routine dental procedures, oral health issues, the treatment of early stages of gum disease, cosmetic/aesthetic services as well as complex dental reconstructions. The procedures discussed on this site are meant to offer an overview of some treatments available to you.

Any dental procedure must be discussed with a dental professional to ensure that it is appropriate and that expectations are realistic. Dr. Cloth would be pleased to discuss any dental procedures with you in more detail if you contact him for a consultation.



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