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Can I Have My Amalgam Dental Fillings Removed?

October 14, 2022 / DENTISTRY

For many years, patients that had a cavity were treated with amalgam fillings. This is because amalgam fillings are sturdy, long-lasting, and they were the only option available for a very long time.

Amalgam fillings have become controversial because the metal compounds they are made with contain mercury alloy, which is known to be toxic, and cause health risks in humans. Because of these risks, many countries around the world have banned the use of mercury in dental fillings. These countries include Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany.

There are now alternatives to amalgam fillings that can safely and effectively fill a cavity without the use of any mercury. However, many dental experts still use amalgam fillings to treat cavities and hold firm that they are safe to use.

Here at Dentistry on Sheppard, we practise holistic dentistry with a focus on mercury-free and low-radiation treatment options. This includes treating cavities with white fillings that are free of BPA and any metals. Not only are these composite fillings white in colour so they blend in better with your natural appearance, but they are safer for your mind and body because they contain no toxic chemicals.

We are often approached by patients with amalgam fillings who are wondering if it’s possible to have their amalgam dental fillings removed to take a more holistic approach to their dental treatments. The answer is yes. In fact, a Norwegian study conducted on patients with amalgam fillings that were experiencing health problems like fatigue, headaches, and joint pain found that, once their amalgam fillings were removed, they experienced a significant reduction in these symptoms.

We are trained and experienced in the removal of amalgam fillings, taking precautions to minimize the chances of any mercury leakage that can take place. These precautions include the use of nasal oxygen, rubber mouth dams, air vacuums with specially formulated filters that remove particles from the air in front of the patient’s face and ensuring that any mercury released into the air during the filling removal process is effectively and safely contained.

If you have amalgam fillings and are interested in learning more about their safe removal, call our office at Dentistry on Sheppard in North York to schedule an appointment today. We’ll assess your current situation and work with you to develop a holistic treatment option that makes you feel comfortable, safe, and will set up for long-term health.

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