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Gum Disease and Anti Inflammatory Supplements and Medications

February 2016

Studies have shown that anti inflammatory medications and supplements help reduced gum disease. Gingivitis and periodontitis are chronic low grade inflammation of the gums and supporting structures of our teeth caused by the host's destructive response to bacterial plaque. Medications such as corticosteriods, aspirin, ibuprofen, statins (anti cholesterol medications) and even simple omega3 fatty acid supplements help decrease inflammation in our mouths.

For the past several years academics have shown prostaglandin and other arachidonic acid metabolites are important proinflamatory mediators in bone resorption and various forms of periodontal disease. Non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs inhibit the synthesis of metabolites of the cyclooxygenase pathway, thereby blocking production of prostaglandins, thromboxane and prostacyclin. Inhibiting prostaglandin synthesis has been shown in animal and human studies to be beneficial in treating periodontal disease.

Most interesting of all are studies showing that intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly DHA and EPA, are inversely associated with periodontitis. These fatty acids increase production of good factors and decrease production of pronflammatory cytokine and interleukin. Given that Omega-3, have a proven role in other chronic inflammatory conditions it is possible that treating periodontitis with Omega-3 could have added benefit of preventing other diseases, especially cardiovascular disease.

Medications (steriods, NSADS, statins) and Omega-3 supplements are a pharmacological intervention in the inflammatory pathways. Development is now focussing on development of daily, topical forms to be used as rinses, gels, and toothpastes.

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