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Natural, Holistic Dentistry Update

October 2015

Dear Patient:

In an effort to provide what I believe to be the highest quality of dental care I have now incorporated a number of natural elements into your dental care. Please keep in mind that a number of these topics are controversial, but I believe in trying to do high quality dentistry that is the least disruptive to your mouth and the rest of your body.

our latest mercury filter.  It goes right below the patient's face and has 4 different filters to capture and redirect oral aerosols finer than 25 microns
Our latest mercury filter goes right below the patient's face and has 4 different filters to capture and redirect oral aerosols finer than 25 microns.

1. Preventative Care, Good Oral Hygiene and Proper Diet form the foundation of holistic dental care by allowing minimal dental intervention and hopefully teeth for life. Patient specific dental cleaning, (timing, type, number etc.), home care lessons and tools, and nutritional guidance are three ways our office can help you attain great oral health.

2. Dealing With Mercury Amalgam Filling Removal is chief among the changes we have instituted in our office. Mercury amalgams (silver-black colored fillings) contain 50% mercury. Our office has not placed any new mercury amalgams in approximately 10 years. Health Canada advises not to place/remove mercury amalgams in pregnant females and advises dentists to place non-mercury fillings in children.

Mercury is released from fillings in small amounts when eating, tooth brushing or tooth grinding occurs, leading to inhaled mercury vapor. As early as 1993, mercury vapor was demonstrated coming off of mercury amalgam fillings in sheep and appearing in their organs. It has been shown that the levels of mercury in the body correlate to the number of amalgam surfaces in one's mouth.

When old mercury amalgam fillings are removed it has been shown that a plume of mercury vapor sits in the operatory air. If breathed into the lungs 80% is absorbed right into the blood stream. However, mercury toxicity symptoms are vague and far reaching. It can affect any protein in the body. We know mercury hampers renal function, is a known neurotoxin (ie. concentration, memory), affects gut bacteria by causing them to produce antibiotic resistance, affects the immune system and other systematic effects ( headaches, cardiovascular disease etc.).

Therefore, mercury amalgams removed at Dentistry on Sheppard are removed by technically cutting them into large pieces, meticulous use of high volume suction, using a rubber dam, room mercury air filter, nasal oxygen hood on patient and a high volume filtered suction machine below the patient's face.

The office is also equipped with a water filter to filter out particulated amalgam so that it does not enter the environment.

Amalgam fillings also corrode (rust). Corrosion implies an electrical charge. Our nervous system functions via electrical impulses and amalgam can potentially interfere with natural nervous system function.

3. Computerized Dental Radiographs are used at Dentistry on Sheppard. Computerized imaging reduces radiation exposure to the patient by approximately 70% (lead aprons and collars are also routinely used).

4. White Filling Materials (Composite Resins) which do not contain B.P.A.(bisphenol-A), a hormone analogue. The vast majority of white filling materials contain small amounts of BPA, but careful research has identified a few brands which are free of BPA and are used in our office.

5. Herbal Take Home Products. We stock rinses and toothpastes that contain essential oils, green tea , herbs and other beneficial natural substances yet do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (a foaming agent many people do not tolerate well), alcohol or chemicals.

Dentistry on Sheppard aims to focus on overall harmony and health and not just tooth health.

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